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About us

Company Aсrus was founded in 1999 and become the first company which officially supplied import reagents. In 1999 we become dialer of Sigma-Aldrich.

In 2000 was signed distribution agreement with Acros Organics (Belgium) on exclusive supply of their products to Russia. In this year was formed Russian warehouse of Acros Organics products.

In 2006 was signed distribution agreement with Wenk Lab Tec (Germany) for supply laboratory equipment and consumables in the territory of Russian Federation.

In 2007 was signed distribution agreement with IsoLab (exclusive agreement), Chemicell, Maybridge, Fisher Chemical, Fisher BioReagents, Pierce, HyClone, Dharmacon.

In the beginning of 2008 Acrus CEO Igor Abashin decide to create biological and Life Science reagents department.

In 2008 was signed distribution agreement with ThGeyer (Germany).

In 2009 was signed exclusive distribution agreement with 5Prime (Germany).

In 2010 was signed distribution agreement with Meridian Life Science (USA).

In 2011 was signed exclusive distribution agreement with Triskem (France).

Fro the beginning of 2012 Acrus (on exclusive base in Russian Federation) provide Russian scientists with original cell lines from ATCC (USA) (In partnership with LGC).

2013 An exclusive distribution contract was concluded with the American company Cell Signaling Technology, which produces high-quality antibodies, ELISA kits, and reagents for Western blotting, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and much more.

2014 Distribution agreements were signed with Santa Cruz Biotechnology, an American company (antibodies, chemical reagents and reagents for Life Science), BIOSS, an American company, and PAN Biotech, a German company (eukaryotic cell growth media and serum), and STREM Chemicals, an American company pure substances, catalysts and reagents for chemical synthesis).

2015 Distribution agreements were signed with the Irish company Megazyme (substrates, enzymes and reagent kits for the study of vegetable substrates and enzymes in the baking and alcohol industry), with the Italian company CDR (analyzers of dairy products, beer, wine and vegetable and animal oils), with China by Cusabio (ELISA kits, recombinant proteins and antibodies).

2016 A distribution contract was signed with LGC-Genomics (equipment for genotyping), as well as an agreement with Esschem, which produces fillers, resins and other components for the dental industry, orthopedics and cosmetology.

2017 A distribution agreement was signed with the American General Electric Company (Chromatographic equipment and columns, bioreactors and fermenters, Cytiva media and serums, imaging equipment, and more) and the German company Alfa Aesar, which produces chemicals and reagents for Life Science.

2018 Distribution agreements were signed with the German company Biomol (biochemical reagents, antibodies, enzymes and other reagents for Life Science) and the German company Fisher Scientific (consumables, reagents and equipment for research laboratories).

Now we have more than 1500 clients in almost Russian's cities. Among them research institutions, pharmaceutical and food manufacturer and diagnostics laboratories.

We have 11 active dealers in different parts of Russian Federation, to sell our goods in the all territory of Russia.

We will be happy to see yours company among our suppliers.